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  • https only
  • unnütze Hauptseite um idioten draussen zu halten.
  • dump - webdav für schnelles Datentauschen.

  • pastebin für schnelles Textkopieren.
  • stuped spammers needed change the domain.

  • https only
  • squirellmail Interface für mail-zugriff.
  • mailserver horcht auf diesem Hostnamen.

[ Snatch commander]

  • simple minesweeper like game.
  • fun to play, optional allows registering.

dyndns service auf und der domäne hä (

openvpn server

  • openvpn setup howto
  • etwas besser und copy&paste :-p
  • host: (abusing our nameserver IP. we do not use it for anything and blacklisting NS servers is not something admins do lightly).
  • setup: iptables REDIR rule does not just rewrite the port but sets the ip address to the primary interface too. -> use DNAT to specify ip.
  • available at ports:
    • 25 (smtp)
    • 80 (http)
    • 443 (hhtps)
    • 1194 (default)
    • 8080
  • use udp
  • client certificate signed by my CA required. Available for free trough hanfi@…